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Private Transfers Faro Airport

Although the Taxis are very good and very easy to find at Faro Airport there is something nice about being meet in the Arrivals Hall by someone holding your name aloft on a card….sad I know…but it adds to the whole “holiday treat” thing!


No Queues
OK not so important during the winter but a definite plus in the busy summer months.
Pay In Advance
No need to worry about having enough euros, most private transfer companies take payment in advance – so one less thing to worry about.
They Already Know Your Plans
No need to try and explain where you are staying or worry about how to book a taxi for your return journey…book a private transfer and this is all done in advance.
My experience and this is just my experience, is that the private transfers are normally the same price as a taxi but with the three points above included…so you don’t save any money but it’s a great way to start your holiday!
A definite winner – groups can simply travel together!
Passengers Requiring Assistance
Disabled passengers and babies can be catered for and of course it takes away the worry of wondering what will happen when you get there.

Shared Shuttle Transfers at Faro

This is more like a bus, both in terms of price and transport…but you won’t have to go into Faro City first!

If you have read our bus page you will know that travelling by bus from Faro Airport to one of the tourist resorts can be a bit of a pain as you have to go into the main bus station at Faro City center before you can get a bus to any of the tourist resorts.

Pre-booking a shared shuttle transfer means that you will collected at the airport (as part of a group made up of other travellers) and then taken along a route to your resort / accommodation.

It’s cheap, to give you an example – I checked out a quote from Faro Airport to Albufeira and here are the comparisons.

  1. Traditional Taxi – €40:00 (6am – 9pm) – €50:00 euros (9pm – 6am) – max 4 People
  2. Private Transfer – €45:00 – max 4 people
  3. Shared Shuttle Bus – €6.50 each person

In the end it comes down to your needs and views on which option is best for you. Personally I love hiring a car..I like the freedom but this does not suit everyone!

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