Lines 14 and 16 run from the airport from 05:00 to 23:00 into various parts of Faro. The 20 minute bus ride into Faro runs frequently and is cheap at €2,40 single fare. For more information visit www.proximo.pt

On the other hand it is annoying that if travelling via bus, before you can go anywhere along the Algarve, you have to go into Faro City first…if you are heading for any of the main tourist resorts, it also means that you have to go the wrong way to the then change buses and come back past where you have been!

Anyway, enough of me being grumpy. The main bus stop is under the very nice, new and modern shelter in front of the main terminal building towards the left..

From the main bus terminal in the Faro City Centre there are a number of buses and routes that you could take to help you get to your destination. More information can be found at www.eva-bus.com

We also provide information on how to travel by bus from Faro to Seville in Spain.

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This bus journey is 20 minutes, times are subject to change. We also recommend that you check directly on the bus website www.proximo.pt

The times of departure from the airport are: 05:20, 06:20, 07:22, 07:53, 08:32, 09:07, 09:37,10:07,11:07,12:07 13:37.14:02.14:32,15:07,16:12,17:12.18:12,19:12,20:07.20:37.21:17, 21:20, 22:17,22:20 and 23:20

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